Sunday, May 7, 2017

Brew Day - Brett Saison

Rolling boil.
Sometimes you brew something that hits all the marks you were going for, sometimes you don't. Around a year ago, I brewed my first ever Brett Saison using the Yeast Bay's Saison Brettanomyces Blend and a bit of rye. While the beer turned out pretty good, it is a bit one-noted and the Brett lends a somewhat unique umami-type flavor I can't describe. A couple months later I brewed another Brett Saison, but this time with Wyeast's Saison-Brett Blend. I also added a fair amount of fruit-forward hops both in the whirlpool and dry hop. The finished character of this beer turned out exactly as intended. It has a moderate phenolic Brett character that plays off of the citrus and tropical hop notes.

Whirlpool hop addition.
With my third take on a Brett Saison I decided to keep the concept of my second Brett Saison in mind. I designed this recipe with the hopes of attaining a strong fruit-forward character that will hopefully play off of that ever-so-wonderful brettanomyces funk. I recently used the Yeast Bay's Saison Blend II in a saison that is drinking very well so I decided to put the harvested slurry to good use. Also, I did some research and found a fruitier Brett blend that ages well according to other homebrewers: the Yeast Bay's Lochristi Brettanomyces Blend. I wanted this beer to be turned around relatively quickly so I brewed it shooting for the lower end of the ABV scale (~ 5 to 6%). And of course, lots of fruity hops.

Unmalted grains.
Recipe Specifications:
Estimated O.G.: 1.045
Estimated F.G.: 1.005 (I bet this will be more like 1.000)
Estimated ABV: 5.3% (Again, I expect a bit higher)
Estimated IBU: 34
Estimated SRM: 3

Brewing Liquor:
100% Reverse Osmosis
0.2 g CaCl2/gal finished beer
1.0 g CaSO4/gal finished beer
10% Phosphoric Acid to acidify liquor to ~5.8

53.3% Pilsner Malt (Dingemans)
26.7% Flaked Wheat (Briess)
8.9% Flaked Oats (Briess)
8.9% Rice Hulls (used as a filter aid)
2.2% Acidulated (BestMalz) (used to reduce mash pH)

0.05 oz. / gal finished beer Apollo @ 60 min
0.4 oz. / gal finished beer Citra @ 15 min Whirlpool (directly after flameout)
0.4 oz. / gal ginished beer Amarillo @ 15 min Whirlpool (directly after flameout)

100 mL Yeast Bay Saison Blend II in a 1.3 L Starter - 1 day stirred (split this in half for pitching)
1 pkg Yeast Bay Lochristi Brettanomyces Blend

2.5 hrs @ 148 F (went to brunch for Madison Craft Beer Week during Sacc Rest)

Batch Sparge:
5 mins @ 170 F
Racking to the fermenter.


75 mins
1 tsp Irish Moss @ 10 mins
1/2 tsp Wyeast Yeast Nutrient @ 10 mins
15 min Whirlpool

Cooled to ~70 F

1 min Pure O2

Pitched 0.65 L Saison Blend II Starter
Pitched Lochristi Blend Package
Controlling temperature at ~70 F

Dry Hops:
0.4 oz. / gal finished beer Citra @ 3 days
0.4 oz. / gal finished beer Galaxy @ 3 days

Post Fermentation Blending:
Blended at a 4:1 ratio with Berliner Weissbier

Live at Fillmore East.

One day after pitching.

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